Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative (CORGI) is working with several local garden centers to promote native plants and rain gardens. Check out our displays at Kurtz Bros. nursery in Westerville, Oakland Nursery in Clintonville, and Scioto Gardens in Delaware County.

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The 1st Annual Rain Garden Roundtable meeting on November 15th was a huge success. Folks from around the state involved at various levels in rain garden program planning, design, and technical support joined together to share their strengths and weaknesses for the betterment of all in attendance.

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In April this year, Franklin Soil and Water and COSI had the chance to speak with Ann Fisher on WOSU’s All Sides with Ann Fisher. WOSU graciously replayed it this week! Click here to watch the discussion to learn about rain gardens, the GreenSpot rain barrel program, and COSI’s featured Water exhibit.

The Ohio EPA has awarded $47,056 to Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District to assist garden centers and nurseries promote rain gardens to their customers. During the two-year grant period, Franklin Soil and Water will provide workshops to garden center staff on rain garden installation and maintenance, plant selection, and the influence of stormwater runoff on local rivers and streams. Displays with rain garden brochures will be provided to the garden centers along with plant tags identifying plants suitable for use in rain gardens. Written and Web-based resources will help sustain the program beyond the grant period to encourage long-term stewardship.

 (To read the full press release, click here. Updates about this project will be placed on the “Project: Nursery Outreach” page of this website.)

“To simply say more people are ‘Going Green’ these days is an understatement. All across Franklin County, more of our neighborhoods and communities are prioritizing the careful stewardship of our natural resources,” said Franklin County Commissioner President Paula Brooks, who is a founding member of the Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative. She is a fan of rain gardens and has been supportive of Franklin Soil and Water’s efforts. “This grant to promote more rain gardens in Central Ohio is part of a partnership between the state, the county, and our team at Franklin Soil and Water. These are the types of investments that can directly benefit our residents, protect our environment, and build upon the jobs and green economy growing in Franklin County.”


Rain garden coffee?!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The 12,000 Rain Gardens in Puget Sound campaign has partnered with a local coffee roaster to create a rain garden coffee blend. Proceeds from the coffee go toward the rain garden program. Visit this website for more information:


A rain garden project in Puget Sound is featured in This Old House magazine. The 21 rain garden project was designed and installed with the help of Rain Dog Designs, and it adds fantastic results to Puget Sound’s 12,000 Rain Garden initiatve which currently has over 700 rain gardens in their area! Check out the below links for the magazine article, rain garden steps, and Puget Sound’s intiative.

Plans and plants for the rain garden project by Rain Dog Designs via This Old House website

How to build a rain garden

12,000 Rain Gardens in Puget Sound


StormCon 2011

Monday, August 29th, 2011

StormCon 2011 (the nationwide storm water conference put on by Stormwater Magazine and other sponsors) was a huge success this year! Stephanie Suter (Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District) and Cathy Eichel (Brown and Caldwell) presented our Brook Run project at this conference. The presentation was well received, and lots of great contacts were made. Aspects of the project that were covered were: outreach/education, residential rain gardens, and right-of-way rain gardens.

Kansas City, Kansas is receiving additional funding from the EPA to enhance a local suburb’s green infrastructure project.


Successful Illinois rain garden project

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

See the link below for an article from the Stormwater journal. A series of rain gardens were set up in the right-of-ways of streets, like our Brook Run rain gardens.  Their models are predicting 80+% storm water reduction, which are the results we are obtaining in our project!


Brook Run video

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Check out our video on part of the rain garden installation process on YouTube! Brook Run Neighborhood Rain Garden Project

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