Disconnecting the downspouts

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

As of Saturday, all of the rain gardens in Brook Run have been planted! The landscaper is working on disconnecting the downspouts that lead to each of the gardens. Each grate/riser on the pipe leading into the gardens has a small screw that the homeowner can remove if they need to get into the pipe to clean it out. Each grate/riser is covered with stone for aesthetics, as well as helping to slow and spread out water coming into the garden.

 The last baseline data was collected before the disconnections, and all water quantity data moving forward should reflect the reduction in storm water leading to the storm water system. Disconnections will continue today and into next week.


Rain garden plantings in Brook Run

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Eight rain gardens have been planted as of this morning in the Brook Run neighborhood rain garden project. Three to five more rain gardens are slated to be planted today, and the landscapers are working tirelessly in the scorching heat. Residents will need to water the rain gardens to help them get established and offset the rapid water loss with the warm weather. All gardens should be finished this week, and the next step is to disconnect the downspouts into the gardens. Fortunately, this step can be completed regardless of weather.

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Another Brook Run update

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Finally we have some dry soil! Our landscaper has been working this week to till up the rain gardens on the residential properties. Between yesterday and today, several rain gardens have been tilled, leaf compost has been added, and the gardens have been graded. Tilling will continue tomorrow and Thursday, and planting should start this Friday! Several gardens have tarps on them in case it rains – this will help keep the soil dry until they can be tilled. After those gardens have been tilled, the tarps will move to the gardens first in line to be planted.

Also, three rain gardens needed small retaining walls due to the slope on the properties. Those have been completed.

Jefferson_wall completedPospichel_tilled & being worked onLacy_wall & tilling finishedDickerson_597 Brook Run2

Brook Run update

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

The Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative is pleased overall with the progress of the Brook Run rain garden installations, however wet weather has been holding up the process. The sod has been removed from the oulined shapes of each of the garden spots, but that soil needs to be tilled up to help offset compaction and give the plants’ roots a little help in getting established. Soil generally should not be worked when too wet, so there has been a slight delay in the installations. Hopefully this weekend will prove to be drier, then the gardens can be tilled and planted. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for dry weather then  rain!

Ohio State President, Dr. E. Gordon Gee, visited with FABE students during their poster presentation at the OSU Capstone Design Showcase hosted the College of Engineering on May 28th. Shown in the picture from left of right are Phil Cherosky, Kevin White, President Gee, and Adam Peterca (Ryan Schmid, the fourth group member, could not attend due to a class conflict).  This FABE capstone team is collaborating with CORGI and the City of Westerville to design the right-of-way rain gardens to reduce storm water discharges and improve water quality in the Brook Run subdivision.

                  osu students w gordon gee_052810                 

Click on the link to view the final designs for the right-of-way gardens for the neighborhood project produced by the OSU students – final designs_060110.

Brook Run update

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Sod removal is complete for almost all the homes in the neighborhood! A couple properties required a stone retention wall due to the slope of the yard, and those are being completed today. Tilling of the gardens will happen Thursday and Friday. Planting will start next week. Thanks to all the residents for their patience and enthusiasm! Thanks to our landscaper (Jim Roberts of Watershed Organic Lawn Care and his crew) for all their hard work!

Bonds_598 Brook RunDickerson_597 Brook Run2Lacy_635 Brook Run_starting wall1

Excavation begins in Brook Run

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Sod removal in the outlined rain gardens started today in the Brook Run neighborhood! Sod removal will continue tomorrow, and tilling of the rain gardens commences as soon as the soil is dry enough, which will hopefully be Thursday or Friday this week. Thanks to Watershed Organic for working on this wet, rainy Monday! Murray_594 Brook RunDennis_825 HempsteadDennis_587 Brook Run

The installation of the rain gardens in the Brook Run neighborhood are starting soon! The properties will be marked and outlined on May 10th, and excavation will begin May 17th. The installations should take roughly 2 weeks, depending on weather. After the residential rain gardens collecting downspout rain water are complete, the implementation of the gardens in the right-of-ways to collect road drainage will begin. We will keep this site updated with photos as the project progresses!

Brook Run planning meeting

Monday, March 15th, 2010

A meeting will be held on Thursday April 29th at 6:30pm at the Innis House at Inniswood Metro Gardens for Brook Run residents. We will be discussing logistics, questions, and the timeline of the installations of the residential and right-of-ways rain gardens. Rain gardens are planned to be installed in mid-May.

Residents receiving rain gardens through our neighborhood rain garden grant project should attend to ask questions and find out details!

Please contact Stephanie to RSVP to this event: 614-486-9613 or ssuter@franklinswcd.org. Reminder postcards will go out to residents soon.

The Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative is partnering with The Ohio State University and the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District on yet another grant to assist with the neighborhood rain garden project in Brook Run. A grant of nearly $200,000 was awarded from the Ohio Water Development Authority to help enhance the already underway OEEF grant. This newest grant is helping to install 4-6 roadside rain gardens that will collect water from the roadways, which includes water that runs off homes into their downspouts that outlet into the street. The grant also helped to install monitoring equipment in the cul-de-sac area near the bridge, as well as equipment to monitor storm water runoff in a control neighborhood just north of Brook Run. Modeling is another aspect of the grant to help communities predict the impact of rain gardens on a neighborhood level.

The installation of these rain gardens will occur in early June after the 18 residential rain gardens have been installed. Drafts of the designs are being created by OSU students. Most likely volunteers will be recruited to help plant the gardens once the soil and curb cuts have been prepared.

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