Our new project will educate growers, landscape designers, garden center staff and gardeners about local causes of impaired water quality and engages them in a process of exploring onsite stormwater infiltration practices as a means of lessening the impact of this environmental concern. Garden centers and growers have the greatest ability to reach landscape designers and gardeners and encourage the adoption of practices that protect the water quality of Central Ohio streams. Partnering with area garden centers will increase public awareness of the relationship between stormwater runoff, sewer overflows, the health of our streams and the need for stormwater infiltration. Workshops, training and literature will provide knowledge of options to consider that add value to gardening and landscaping efforts.  We will work with garden centers to provide homeowners with the tools necessary, including written materials and technical consultation, to expand and sustain this program long-term in order to promote ongoing stewardship.

Gardening for Clean Water Program Description


Activities and Outcomes Table