The 1st Annual Rain Garden Roundtable meeting on November 15th was a huge success. Folks from around the state involved at various levels in rain garden program planning, design, and technical support joined together to share their strengths and weaknesses for the betterment of all in attendance.

Seven different rain garden groups gave presentations about how their initiatives were established, how their goals were developed and met, and what kinds of upcoming projects were on the horizon. With so much great information presented, we wanted to make this information available to anyone who attended the meeting as reference, or for anyone who wanted to learn a little bit more about rain garden programs from all around Ohio. Please check out the pdf presentations from this meeting for great ideas!

Rain Garden Initiative of Toledo-Lucas County

Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative

Friends of Lower Muskingum River

Rain Garden Alliance of Greater Cincinnati

Cuyahoga SWCD Rain Garden Program

Athens SWCD Developing Stormwater Solutions