Urban Olentangy Rainscapes Project (Public/private)
Weinland Park, Ohio
Hamlet Street
Installed fall 2013

5 OUR Water OUR Water  111

Project partners: Integrity Sustainable Planning and Design; Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed; Diversified Data; MAD Scientist and Associates; Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District; Neighborhood residents Ms. Van Til, Mr. Drake, Mr. Malcolm J, Ms. Desenberg; Oakland Nursery; and Wagenbrenner Group.


The OUR Water (Olentangy Urban Rainscapes) pilot project is installed at five residential properties on Hamlet Street in Weinland Park. The purpose of this project is to show how, by incorporating raingardens in a neighborhood appropriate landscape design, residents welcome the opportunity to take personal ownership of being stewards of the watershed where they live and to educate our larger community about water management practices.