• Choosing your plants is just as important as sizing your garden correctly. They will be doing most of the work in your garden.
  • Choose plants that are tolerant of flooding and also tolerant of drought (since it won’t be raining everyday, and your garden should drain in 24-48 hours).
  • Consider color, bloom time, and height of the plants. A wide variety of colors and bloom time are available.
    Also consider using native plants, as they are better suited to our soils, climate, and pollinators. Cultivars of natives also work well, as they may prove to be less aggressive and more compact.
  • Locate the plants in the garden according to their tolerance of water – the most water tolerant plants should be placed closest to where the water will enter the rain garden.
  • After the plants have been planted, add a 2-3” layer of double shredded hardwood mulch to keep in moisture and keep out weeds.

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