• step-6-maintainYour rain garden will need to be watered throughout the first growing season. If you use native plants, they should take off and do well on their own after their first year.
  • The plants will fill in as the years go by, but applying mulch year after year is a good idea. Over time, less mulch will be required.
  • Watch for gullies and erosion – a quick fix to an unanticipated path of water entering the garden is to place several cobble stones at that entry point to slow and spread the water.
  • In the fall and spring, be sure to clear out any leaves that may have collected at the water entry point to your garden to be sure the flow of water is not restricted.
  • Labeling your plants is a good idea, especially if you aren’t sure which ones are weeds when they come back in the spring or if you have friends or co-workers over to see your garden!