Congratulations to the Brook Run subdivision in Westerville! Their neighborhood has been chosen for our rain garden installation project! CORGI is working to plan details for our next steps, and Brook Run residents can meet with us for discussion and preliminary planning on August 13th at the Inniswood Metro Gardens’ Innis House at 6:30pm.

We would like to thank the Maize-Morse neighborhood, Buckeye Grove neighborhood, the City of Columbus, and the Village of Marble Cliff for their wonderful participation and feedback throughout this process! We hope to work together on rain gardens in the future in these communities. Residents in these neighborhoods will also be contacted about the results of this first part of our project’s process.

Through funding from Ohio EPA’s Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF), the Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative targeted 4 neighborhoods in Franklin County for rain garden education and implementation of 15-20 rain gardens (in spring-summer of 2010). Each neighborhood workshop was held in April 2009, and residents who showed up for the workshops were very excited to learn about rain gardens and for the possibility of their neighborhood to be chosen for our project. Follow-up surveys were sent to residents who did not attend the workshop to gauge their interest in rain gardens and the possibility of installation.

Monitoring of storm water runoff of the drainage area in their community will begin shortly to gather baseline data. 15-20 rain gardens will be installed in spring-summer of 2010 on willing residents’ properties. Monitoring of storm water will continue after installation of the rain gardens to calculate the amount of storm water collected from the gardens, and we hope to see a significant reduction of runoff. Volunteers will be recruited to assist in monitoring.

If you are a resident in one of these neighborhoods and have questions about the workshops, surveys, or program please contact  Stephanie at 614-486-9613 x125 or

Our project is modeled off of successful neighborhood rain garden projects, for example a rain garden study from Burnsville, MN. A link to this study can be found on our Resources page.