The Central Ohio Rain Garden Initiative (CORGI) has chosen the Brook Run neighborhood in Westerville to install 20 rain gardens next year. Education of rain gardens through this project has reached over 250,000 central Ohio residents so far through brochures, workshops, newsletters, news articles, and television news stories. The project funded by the OEPA’s Ohio Environmental Education Fund will include storm water runoff monitoring before and after the installation of rain gardens to determine how effective the rain gardens are in reducing storm water from the area, preventing it from entering and polluting Condit-Nichols Ditch, a tributary to Spring Run.

The monitoring equipment will be installed in September. Rain garden designs are being developed, and the residents will have their choice in the type and style of rain garden to be installed. Underground utilities are being marked this week, and site assessments of the individual properties will begin next week. The residents are very excited to be involved in the neighborhood project, and the City of Westerville is more than enthusiastic in this partnership effort.