As of Friday July 23rd, all of the residential rain gardens are complete. The downspouts were unhooked from the storm water system in the neighborhood and directed into the gardens. Monarchs have already been seen on some of the wildflowers!

Bonds_plantedNeff_plantedBurnam_plantedPrickett_planted_w monarch



The next step in the project is to install the rain gardens in the right-of-way areas throughout the neighborhood. There will be 6 rain gardens that collect storm water runoff from the roadways (which also contains the rest of the downspouts that weren’t added into the residential gardens). Construction should begin in the next couple weeks.

Monitoring has been a challenge, however 3 v-notched weirs will be installed in the main outlet, the cul-de-sac outlet, and the control neighborhood outlet to coincide with the installation of the right-of-way rain gardens. The hope is to establish a definitive reduction of storm water runoff through the use of rain gardens by comparing data from the control neighborhood. Other monitoring tools will be used in the right-of-way gardens, such as pressure transducer and lysimeter-type instrumentation.